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What we Believe

Kids Blowing Bubbles

We are a family-centered Fellowship community committed to equipping Bible believers to live and love like Messiah.


We strive to build bridges within the Body of believers by being good stewards of our witness through accountability, humility, and transparency; by making Disciples, strengthening families, and edifying individuals in the Word.

We hold that Redemption is freely offered to all in the Grace of Messiah, and Sanctification is a process best applied in loving community.

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Statement of Faith

Bible Lessons
  • We believe first and foremost in a Ministry of Reconciliation, to which followers of Messiah are commissioned in 2Cor 5:17-20.  We are called to be ambassadors on behalf of Yeshua, Jesus, making Disciples in the message of the Gospel as we go - that men might be reconciled to God through Messiah, to His Word by His Spirit, and to their brothers as new creations.  This mission is embodied in the phrase, “ONE New Everything” and the ministry of being Bridge Builders.


  • We believe and teach unequivocally that Yeshua Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, came in the flesh as the Servant and Son of God, fully God and fully man. His birth, life, ministry, atoning death and resurrection making possible the Redemption of mankind and a complete understanding of God’s Word.  He will return as the King of Kings ushering in the finished work of victory over death in the earth.


  • We are committed to being a place of safety - physically, emotionally and spiritually in accordance with Mat 25:40. This means that we are often called to welcome underserved members of the Body of Believers, such as large families, families with special needs children, single parents, and people who have never experienced church as “safe” for various reasons.  This requires a leadership team operating in love, humility and transparency at all levels and a community dedicated the Servant Heart of Messiah.  


  • We believe in the whole counsel of Scripture as described in 2Tim 3:15-17.  The entirety of the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation is for salvation through faith in Messiah, to teach, reprove, correct, and instruct Believers in righteousness, that we might be whole in Him, equipped for good work. His Word confirms both His great Love and His unwavering Sovereignty.  In this way, we consider grace to be the equipping power of the Holy Spirit that we might be both hearers and doers of the whole Word, walking in a living faith as described in the book of James.


  • We believe that the gifts, callings, and fruits of the Holy Spirit are as defined by Peter in Acts 2:38-39, dependent upon repentance and a saving confession of Messiah as Master, available to all those whom Yahweh would call to Himself and without revocation.  There is no single gift that defines evidence of the Holy Spirit, and nothing truly from the Spirit of God will ever contradict the Word of God or operate in a way that does not edify.


  • We believe that the Sabbath and Biblical Feasts (such as Passover), along with the other commands given in the Torah, are pictures of good things to come and all ultimately point to Christ. Instructed throughout Scripture, we believe they are for believers in Messiah today, showing the end from the beginning and building a substantive hope in the Promises of God.

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